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We Bring Hope Network's # I goal is to help individuals and families connect to resources that help them begin or continue their journey to healing from trauma.


We will accomplish this goal by :


Creating sustainable partnerships with organizations that provide the resources needed to heal and grow through participants trauma


-Develop programs that give programs participants the tools and actionable items needed to heal from trauma and the side effects of trauma

-Build Awareness regarding trauma, with youth, adolescents and families

-Advocate for mental health

According to the National Council for Community Behavioral Health, 70% of adults in the United States have been exposed to a traumatic event. According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, 78% of children reported more than one traumatic experience before the age of 5. Twenty percent of children up to the age of 6 were receiving treatment for traumatic experiences, including sexual abuse, neglect, exposure to domestic violence, and traumatic loss or bereavement. This means that a significant portion of individuals in United States households have experienced some form of trauma.

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