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Alycia Washington

Alycia Washington is an easy-going, truth-telling, super-power finding life coach. She helps women bring the right D.R.A.M.A. into their lives by helping them DECIDE that who they are is enough!, RECLAIM their space and boundaries so they can ACTIVATE their power and MAKE Moves to live an ABUNDANT life. She has a M.S.Ed in Professional Counseling from Old Dominion University and her foundation of women’s empowerment and love of community was sealed at Spelman College where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

Alycia has served in youth and family development roles for over 25 years including programs that provided alternatives options for juvenile justices, self-esteem programming to teen girls, parent support groups, teen summits, group homes and providing in-school mental health support and life skill education to middle school students.

Alycia joined the We Bring Hope Network team as Board President because she understands that “the village” it takes to raise a healthy well-adjusted child has changed. To serve the growing mental and physical needs of ALL children who are at risk, “the village” has to be more intentional in working together and pooling resources to reach as many children and families as possible.

Alycia resides in Indianapolis, IN with her husband of almost 20 years, Marquis, and their two teen sons, David and Jonathan. Her oldest son is a budding entrepreneur with a delicious sauce, The Good Stuff, that he created and her youngest son is currently happy as the newest teen in the house. Homeschooling both boys from preschool to grades 4 and1 respectively was a major life highlight for Alycia. Not only did she use that time to help her sons’ develop critical thinking and life skills, she also sharpened her community building skills as she served as coordinator and co-founder for a preschool coop as well as helping to build networks, serve and find learning opportunities for the Washington Academy and other homeschool coops.

Alycia Washington
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