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Co-Founder/Executive Director

Kristin Collins is co-founder and Executive Director of We Bring H.O.P.E. Network and a lifetime devotee of helping others in her community. Originating from Indianapolis, Indiana, Kristin graduated from Marion University with degrees in business and project management. She worked for the Boy Scouts of America in the development department. As well as served as a District Executive in the After-School Program serving the predominantly low-income families of Indianapolis.  She also served as a Girl Scout leader for eleven years. Kristin’s main goal is to plant seeds that heal families and break generational curses. A wife and mom of six, Kristin loves camping, fishing, and crafting.


Vice-President Board of Directors

Co-Founder of We Bring H.O.P.E. Network, a Little Rock native, and an active community member. Pamela graduated from Indiana Westland University with master’s degrees in Leadership and Management. She worked as an affiliate of Girls Inc, helping young women realize their full potential and understand their own value. Her defining quote: “People may not remember what you did for them or what you said to them, but they will remember how you made them feel.” Pamela’s goal is to emphasize the importance of making connections for personal and professional growth. In her free time, she loves travelling, meeting new people, and reading poetry.


Director of Programs and Fundraising

Leanna having been raised in Connecticut  by a teen mom experienced many trials and tribulations because she wasn’t exposed to or given the opportunities needed to be a successful wife, mother, citizen. As an adult Leanna created opportunities for herself with various non profit organizations such as the YMCA, and Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis. Leana has a passion to help other low income, at risk youth to experience opportunities that inspire and cultivate success from within.  She is dedicated to helping others find their strengths from within. Leana started The Exist program over 11 years ago to match children and teens with programs and/or community partners that help them become who they are supposed to be despite their disparities.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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