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Why Champ Camp?


From meeting like-minded individuals and being connected with specialist resources to gaining a hands-on team who advocate for your needs, Champ Camp are hitting ‘refresh’ on the options available to youths across Indianapolis who have experienced trauma.


Working hand-in-hand with We Bring HOPE Network, The Exit, and Triumph Boxing, our role goes beyond simply getting endorphins flowing through boxing. Nurturing their needs, listening to their struggles, and encouraging our program participants to dive head-first into their wildest goals, we play a crucial role in driving confidence levels and opening lines of communication. Available for youths between the ages of 11-19, Champ Camp centers on pulling individuals out from the depths of trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression.

At its core, boxing serves as an invaluable stress-reliever, concentration aid, and anger management tool, giving youths an outlet for the emotions they may struggle to understand. When paired with peer-to-peer group support and mentoring, our goal is simple: To hit the breaks on negative behaviors, reeling in healing through goal setting, and the presence of a compassionate, supportive environment, where emotions can be talked about.

Please note: With 46% of youths in the US experiencing at least one traumatic event, our programs are incredibly in demand. Whether you’d like to contribute to the expansion of Champ Camp, hear more about our work, or be added to our waitlist, please contact us via

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